Källa: aftonbladet spel

harrypotterwizardsunite guider dig genom spelet Wizarding Challenges och man inte är i närheten av fästningar så kan man ta nattbussen alltid tillgänglig för spelare nivå 7.

En beskrivning om spelet Wizarding Challenges.

Wizarding Challenges are a unique type of gameplay where you can team up with wizards from around the world to engage in combat with a variety of Foes. To enter a Wizarding Challenge, tap on a Fortress and use a Runestone to join. If you find yourself without any Fortresses nearby, the Knight Bus is always available for players level 7 and above to instantly whisk you away to a Fortress at Hogwarts Castle, allowing you to play from the comfort of home.

Om yrket i en strid.

Once you’re in a Fortress chamber, consider your own Profession, the Profession of your teammates and the types of Foes you’re facing before engaging in combat. Each Profession is strong against some types of Foes and weak against others:

  • Aurors deal bonus damage against Dark Forces (e.g., Dark Wizards, Death Eaters) and take increased damage from Beasts (e.g., Erklings, Acromantulas)
  • Magizoologists deal bonus damage against Beasts (e.g., Erklings, Acromantulas) and take increased damage from Curiosities (e.g., Pixies, Werewolves)
  • Professors deal bonus damage against Curiosities (e.g., Pixies, Werewolves) and take increased damage from Dark Forces (e.g., Dark Wizards, Death Eaters)

Om strategier och tjäna ännu mer Challenge XP.

Now that you’re feeling proficient in your Profession, it’s time to get strategic! While it’s possible to participate in Wizarding Challenges individually, teaming up with others, either with wizards nearby or remotely using the Knight Bus, earns you even more Challenge XP and opens up additional strategies. Taking on Wizarding Challenges with a variety of wizards from different Professions is especially important if you’re looking to take on higher-level Foes.


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